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July 8, 2019

photographs Ben Fourmi

words Stephan Matthews


Creating a range of perfumes seems to be a fashionable venture at the moment with celebrities, designers, and influencers all competing for a share of scented success. Many of them quickly come up against difficulties when inexperienced perfumers or poorly conceived ideas fail to produce the buzz required to burst into an already oversaturated market. However, when the worlds of perfumery, design, and fashion come together the results can be spectacular.


Aurélien (Paris)

An opulent dance, a perfect balance of black and white, and spicy florals enveloped in magnificent resin notes. Opposites that attract. The exquisite scents of white flowers, orange blossom and Jasmin add depth and intrigue. The resins evoke Parisian elegance: Benzoin, Myrrh, Opoponax, Patchouli, and a touch of black Amber give the fragrance its intensity.


That’s exactly what’s happened with the release of Carine Roitfeld’s debut collection of seven scents, each one designed with a sexual encounter in mind. Carine Roitfeld is most famous for her ten-year reign as Editor-in-Chief at Vogue Paris and for having founded CR Fashion Book, but she learned about the fashion industry firsthand as an aspiring model when she was just eighteen.


George (London)

A perfume of eclecticism, somewhere between tradition and modernity. The notes of Cannabis flowers and Iranian Galbanum resin electrify this fragrance and jostle the Violet Leaves with fresh green and delicate floral notes – an unprecedented mixture of verdant foliage combined with Jasmine, Rose and Iris – and the Oak Moss adds classical base-notes of wood, earth and leather.


She always saw perfume very much as a fashion accessory, finishing off an outfit with a touch of scented sensuality, and decided that the time was right to present her own collection of fragrances. The talented trio of Aurélien Guichard, Pascal Gaurin, and Yann Vasnier have helped her with the series, all award-winning perfumers and masters of creating evocative and unexpected takes on perceived sexuality.


Orson (New York)

An uncompromisingly sensual fragrance.The alluring fragrance of Hawthorn flower petals, the velvety opulence of Tuberose and the sweet narcotic fragrance of Ylang-Ylang are enhanced by Peppery notes. The strong base notes of Sandalwood, Laotian Benzoin, Opoponax and Venezuelan Tonka Bean give weight to the flurry of ethereal petals.


The collection of seven fragrances pairs up a lover with a city and offers up the concept of gender-fluidity even though all the names are masculine. Whether you’re the lover or the loved one, each scent is designed to evoke a feeling of passion and place. From the heightened sexuality of the hawthorn discernible in New York’s Orson to the bohemian cannabis and violet fragrance you’ll experience if you visit George in London, Carine Roitfeld challenges us with her ideas but still produces fragrances that are wonderfully wearable. So, whether you want to love or be loved, there’s definitely someone for you in this passionate collection.


CR’s seven luxury fragrances are also available in 10 ml samples, carefully protected in a leather travel pouch. Shop the collection at www.net-a-porter.com.


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