A new sustainable line: No Frills

October 25, 2018 by James Wright


No Frills is a core collection by Creative Director Amy Powney to celebrate luxury fashion with a conscience. The collection, which hit the shops back in September of this year, focuses on the wardrobe essentials with the definitive Mother of Pearl visual. The aesthetics of this collection covers all things feminine, juxtaposed with masculine silhouettes, bound together with intricate pearl detail, and a design element that is now instantantly identifiable with the brand.


”No Frills” is not just an ethically positive collection,  it is instantly recognizable as part of the brand’s identity. The new line features oversized suiting, masculine shirts with their intriguing almost “pie crust” collars and the Mother of Pearl’s trademark emblem of faux pearl appliqués sewn on to the garments.

The idea behind ‘No Frills’ was to create a fully-sustainable collection that strikes the balance between style or price; with the long-term aim of being able to create the minimum impact on the planet without compromising on style or design. 

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The revelation of the No Frills line is that it took two and half years to make. Amy Powney traced the supply chain right back to where the raw materials start to grow, to ensure the collection is as sustainable as it can possibly be. Painstaking though it sounds, Powney and her team also calculated everything from air miles and worker welfare, and from packaging to farming practices to show the transparency of the line’s supply chain and the depth of its environmental and societal awareness.

With this collection, Mother Of Pearl has implemented a clear and positive unique selling pointby focusing on and using sustainable fabrics   including 100% cotton and wool. A mindset that reflects the  the brand’s motto: “Serious fashion, not to be worn too seriously”.  Not only is this collection designed for the fashion-conscious consumer, it is also aimed at those who are environmentally aware, whilecelebrating the enchantment of luxury and slick contemporary style.