May 11, 2019

photographs Courtsey A-COLD-WALL*



CHROMA calibrates ACW*’s touchpoints through its exploration of socio-spatial relationships; natural, and inner city dialect. A-COLD-WALL* continues its cerebral narrative focusing on ‘chroma’; the quality of a color’s purity or saturation. The concept is explored through restricted intensities seen in industrial components and dominant hues manifested through fabric colorway.

190312 A COLD WALL 229.jpg
190312 A COLD WALL 537.jpg
190312 A COLD WALL 700 .jpg
190312 A COLD WALL 706.jpg

Environmental and urban landscapes inform the collection’s color palette; industrial components are communicated through low tones such as slate blues, concrete pastes and graphite greys whilst ecological elements are expressed through high colorations seen in carmine reds, Murex purples and rusted mustards. Overexposed environments and discrepancies translate through dyed pieces with pigmented surfaces and desaturated seams whilst speckled gradients are replicated across knitwear as intarsia jacquards.

190312 A COLD WALL 245.jpg
190312 A COLD WALL 716.jpg
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190312 A COLD WALL 697.jpg

Conceptually the range of variations within a single hue can be visualized as a triangle in which the range of possible chroma become progressively more restricted when approaching each end of the color spectrum. Triangles are replicated as geometric lines flatlocked on mid-weight jersey T-shirts and oversized long sleeves and as geometric shards spliced across technical nylon strap belts.

190312 A COLD WALL 562.jpg
190312 A COLD WALL 552.jpg
190312 A COLD WALL 712 .jpg
190312 A COLD WALL 21.jpg

In order to attain a high or low chroma, a surface must reflect light of high saturation and brightness for a degree of illumination thus reflection is a key element of this collection. Reflective piped seams line technical track pants, reflective tapes finish hems and cuffs and the ACW* bracket is reproduced as a reflective screen-print across garments and accessories.

CHROMA is available to buy exclusively at www.a-cold-wall.com



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