August 1, 2019

words Cyril Vinchon

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“Your hands are your eyes”. These words spoken one day by a cordwainer to Tabitha Ringwood when she was just a student, evoke her work in a nutshell. She is obsessed by the history behind objects that have lived - shoes in particular - and firmly believes that they become enhanced over time.

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Tabitha Ringwood is one of those people who manage to turn an obsession into a passion, and she does so with exceptional talent and flare. The young graduate from the Royal College of Art in London began her career in the fashion world with aplomb, producing her first collection entitled Bonded, which explores the sense of touch through a variety of recycled materials and an unprecedented look and feel. Her shoes are amazingly comfortable yet defy all the laws of gravity and are the result of complex handcrafted manufacturing processes and extensive research. Tabitha Ringwood has created a collection that appeals to touch, and the enigmatic nature of the shoes in it gives the collection its powerful impact. It’s the consecration of moral values (using fabric offcuts from fashion houses such as Burberry among others) combined with a vision that has matured over the years. We are eagerly awaiting her next collection due to be released in spring 2020.

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