June 4, 2019


Founder and artistic director of Thameen, Basel Binjabr, was raised in the world of fine fragrance. When he was no more than just a kid, he would visit the ‘Attars’ (perfume oil sellers) of Riyadh patronized by his father. Quality was Mr Binjabr Senior’s mantra, and he meticulously chose the ingredients he would use in his “precious jewels” −Thameen means ‘precious’ in Arabic. He would even travel with his son to the Egyptian Market in Istanbul just to ensure that his oils were the finest and most highly-prized in existence.


Basel Binjabr’s olfactory memories and strong emotional connection to scent never faded and lead him to this new adventure. While his passion for fragrance was born out of the rich heritage of fragrance in the Middle East, he was determined to create a contemporary collection of scents using the finest oriental ingredients combining Eastern opulence with Western refinement.


Thameen is the realization of those memories, but with a modern twist: a collection of 5 luxury fragrances, each inspired by legendary gemstones −the perfect metaphor for a tribute to his father. The perfume structures are pure and simple to let these rare notes ‘sing’. Each element was chosen to reflect the Middle Eastern heritage.


The Thameen fragrance collections are available at Selfridges and on www.thameenfragrance.com.

Version française ici.