We accept submissions for online and print features. Sacrebleu! is always looking for new voices to be featured (photographers, stylists, writers, illustrators, graphic designers, etc.). When submitting editorials, please send a full selection of images as well as the credit list for all clothing/accessories/beauty products used. You can also submit a shoot concept, in which case we will ask you to explain it to us in a few lines. If we think it will suit Sacrebleu!, we will let you know. Should you want to submit written pieces, please make sure to provide us with samples of your work.

Online submissions must feature SPRING-SUMMER 2019 clothing.

Once your shoot has been approved (if it is a concept submission) and shot, please e-mail us low-resolution images. We will then select our favorite images and ask you to edit them. Should your idea(s) and/or submission(s) be suitable for SB! we will get back to you in due course. You can e-mail us at contact@sacrebleumagazine.com for all pitches or submissions. Please download this moodboard if you wish to know what we want for our upcoming fall/winter issue.

Please note that it will take a few days for us to contact you, as your submission(s) and/or pitch(es) will be reviewed by our editorial staff. We cannot guarantee that we will get back to you if your work is not suitable for SB!. You can consider that your sumbission(s) and/or pitch(es) have been rejected if you do not receive an e-mail within two weeks.


Should your submission fit, we will require the following from you:

-All credits in a separate document (models, their agencies, the creative team including assistant(s), all the products and brands featured).

-All images must be high-resolution images (TIFF format, 300dpi minimum, CMYK).

-Dimensions must be 31 x 23 cm with a 5 mm bleed if you send the images to the exact dimensions.


We do not give away free copies of the magazine due to printing costs. We do however provide a digital version of the magazine. Please do not post images on social media prior to the release of the issue. Should you do so, we reserve the right not to publish your editorial. Whether or not your work is for the print version of Sacrebleu!, we are not liable for any costs incurred at your shoot. Please kindly bear in mind that commissioning letters do not guarantee that your editorial will make it to the print version of the magazine. Last but not least, make sure you meet the deadline.